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      Original von vnvHH

      die reise geht nach homeward........ :D

      das ein mix von chrome mit auf'm sampler ist ist uns schon klar, aber die aussage war
      Original von Riker
      Der wird auch auf der in den nächsten Wochen erscheinenden Single "Homeward" zu finden sein.
      und deshalb wollen wir alle auf'm zug mit aufspringen.

      ... so und jetzt verrate uns nur noch, woher Du diese Info denn hast,
      auf der offiziellen HP sind die "Latest News" noch immer "releases : new album "matter and form" out now".... ?(
      "But now it seems the changes must be made..."
      Das die Single in den nächsten Wochen kommt sagte mir Tom (SITD) und meine DJ Kollegin, die Ronan persönlich mehr als gut kennt.

      Aber wie wir ja aus der DVD Erfahrung wissen können WOCHEN auch Monate sein.

      Ich warte auf die CD ebenso wie ihr.

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      VNV Updates - June 2006

      Although I already mailed this out as a bulletin I put a copy in the blog to add comments to and for people who aren't members or who join later. There are 3 addendums at the bottom answering the 3 most asked questions since the bulletin went out.

      Hi all,

      It's been a few months since the last bulletin so it's high time for an update. So, without any further delay, off we go.


      First, let me get the live appearances out of the way

      DJ SETS (USA)

      As some of you may know, Mark was over to do a few DJ spots in the US in May. Now it's my turn (Ronan that is). Every time we've had the chance to do some DJing in the US, it's always been a lot of fun and I hope you'll be able to make it along for one of the club nights.

      The dates are :

      01 July - New York - Albion Batcave
      03 July - San Francisco - Death Guild @ Glass Kat
      04 July - DC - Nation (come say goodbye to 1 of the best venues in the US)
      07 July - Miami - The Kitchen*
      08 July - Tampa - The Castle (the one, the only)
      10 July - Ann Arbor - The Factory @ Necto
      14 July - Milwaukee - Elektrotrash @ Club Anything
      15 July - Los Angeles - Cyberball @ El Rey

      * The club in Miami opens at 6pm as under 18s can come along between 6pm and 11pm. From 11am till 5am it's 18 and over. Ten points to the club organisers for coming up with a way to include people who are of legal age to listen to music but are excluded from events purely because they are not of legal age to drink alcohol. Hopefully more venues and clubs will start to adopt this idea.

      More information about these dates can be found on our Myspace page


      22 July - Amphi Festival - Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany
      29 July - Castle Party - Castle Bolkow, Bolkow, Poland
      11 Aug - Summer Darkness - Tivoli - Utrecht, Holland

      Here are the dates for our first ever shows in South America

      23 Aug - Las Trastienda Club - Buenos Aires, Argentina
      25 Aug - Blondie - Santiago de Chile, Chile
      26 Aug -.Odyssey Club - Sao Paolo, Brazil

      And, finally, 2 new shows announced for the UK that are well overdue

      19 Oct - Rock City - Nottingham, UK
      21 Oct - Slimelight - London, UK


      For a while we had planned a standard single for "Homeward". Instead we will be releasing it as an EP featuring mixes of "Homeward", all the remixes of "Chrome" and some additional unreleased material. We're not the biggest fans of CD singles unless they offer value and content to our fans and we think this is the right way to do this. The release had been promised for the first half of 2006 but owing to a number of factors it had to be put back and this has contributed to our decision to release Homeward/Chrome instead.


      The VNV Nation remix of AFI's "Miss Murder" should be available in North America soon. Both AFI and their label are very happy with the mix and have some interesting plans for it that we're very glad to hear about. MSI's new single "Shut me up" will also feature a VNV remix of the song. We're also working on a remix for their follow up single "What do they know".


      In the coming weeks we will publish news about another release planned for this year called "Reformation". It's the long over due followup to the Matter and Form tour last year and is part live album, part songs that never made it to Matter and Form, part new versions of tracks from Matter and Form.
      Work on the next VNV Nation album will begin very soon. It is also fair to say that a few songs have been written for it already for it.


      Our Myspace page has had quite an update this week to look more as a VNV Nation page should and as little as possible like a regular Myspace page, which is horrific. It's also a lot more comprehensive for people who visit the page for the first time having never heard of us before and I'm sure it was updated for a couple of other reasons, none of which I can think of right now but which are probably profound and deeply interesting and which feature a humorous anecdote or two. The myspace blog gets updated with new info from time to time so be sure to check in every now and then to see what's new.

      We've also added a few VNV Nation Buddy Icons for those of you who use AIM or MSN.

      The main homepage has been updated. The lyrics page now has all the "matter and form" lyrics alongside all the other songs. There are also some more photos as well as all the cover artwork, logos, wallpapers and a free MP3 in case you've never visited.

      Click HERE to go to the VNV Nation homepage


      We'd like to ask if you can help us reach out to people. It's amazing how many people cannot find our Myspace page (or website) or come across it by complete accident. We really want to let people out there, these poor lost souls in the internet wilderness, know how to can find us on the web and we would really like your help to do this. We've added a number of web banners to the VNV Nation Homepage. We'd really appreciate if it you would feature one of these on your web page or on your myspace page.

      And that, my friends, is all there is for the moment. Remember, we do get your messages and we do read them but don't always have time to reply but we appreciate hearing from you.

      Hope to see you at a show or a DJ set soon.

      Take care and best wishes,

      ADDENDUM 1 : Quite a few people sent messages asking "what's a DJ set". I have never been asked this, ever, so I thought I should add this explanation.

      Firstly, DJ Sets are not live shows. Some people thought they were and have been asking the promoter what time the show starts, who the support band is, etc.

      Other than appearing on stage as VNV, Mark and I also do a lot of DJing. One of us, sometimes both of us, appears as a guest DJ at a club, i.e. we are the ones behind the CD decks and play a set. As for me, my set ranges from industrial beats to underground club electronics to industrial tracks that rarely get played and at times features indie sounds that work well in the mix. A lot of it is tracks that fit with what we do as VNV or that we listen to when writing music. I don't play slow sets, ladies choice, the top 40 ebm hits, industrial Burt Bacharach covers or C&W. I will also be playing the mixes we did for AFI and MSI.

      Basically, it's about coming out to a club night, listening to some tracks, braving the dancefloor and having some fun.

      ADDENDUM 2 : I'm sorry if there wasn't a chance to do a DJ set in your town or city this time around. I can assure you, nowhere has been skipped or avoided. I grouped together requests I'd had for a long time but, after fitting them all into a 2 week trip, there were few dates to spare. I do DJ sets because they're fun, to coincide with when I know I'm going to be in the US anyway. They are not a bonifide tour.

      ADDENDUM 3 : When the next album comes out :) The question was, of course, when are we going on tour again. Many songs and ideas have already been written for the next album and work will begin very soon on the album itself. We hope to have this out in early 2007. Our last tour was the longest North American tour we've ever done and we tried to cover as much of the country and as many places as possible. When we tour next time it will be no different and we will endeavour to play in every town and city possible.

      Best wishes,
      Aktuelle News:

      VNV Nation werden am 13. Oktober eine spezielle "klassische" Liveshow in Los Angeles auf dem "Das Bunker 10 Year Anniversary" spielen. Das Besondere: Auf dem Konzert sollen nur Songs der "Advance And Follow"-, "Praise The Fallen"- und "Empires / Burning Empires"-Ära dargeboten werden. Für dieses Event soll es auch spezielles Merchandising geben. Die Show ist ab 18 und streng limitiert auf 900 Tickets. (Infos auf

      Ansonsten arbeiten VNV Nation gerade an Remixen von AFIs "Love Like Winter" und MSIs "What Do They Know".

      Für dieses Jahr sind noch neue Releases (Homeward/Chrome?, Reformation?) angekündigt. Ein neues Album soll 2007 veröffentlicht werden, gefolgt von einer Welttour.

      DJ-Daten in Dtl. mit Ronan:
      30.09. - Herford - X
      06.10. - Leipzig - Darkflower
      07.10. - Dresden - Schloss Nickern (Burning Empires Party)
      09.12. - Leipzig - Darkflower

      september news

      Original von MySpace bulletin
      VNV Updates - September 2006

      We hope you're all well, comfortable and ready to read another exciting blog entry. Here's the September Update from us here a the VNV Nation page on Myspace. Lots to tell you so, here goes.

      Gig in Los Angeles : Almost all of you have received the message we sent out about this. If you didn't, here it is once again. We're playing a one-off concert at the Das Bunker 10th Anniversary in Los Angeles on October 13th.

      As it's their 10th Anniversary, we felt it only fair to give the show a bit of a twist. We've decided to do a strictly "classic" concert which means we'll only be playing songs from "Advance and Follow", "Praise the Fallen" and from the "Empires / Burning Empires" era. There'll be a lot of songs that haven't been played in years as well as a few other surprises. There will also be special merch available to mark the event. All in all, this is definitely going to be a special evening. This is the same club that started spinning tracks from our "Advance and Follow" album 10 years ago and helped us get a start in North America so we're very happy to be a part of their birthday celebrations.

      Alongside the VNV Nation live show there will be a live show by W.A.S.T.E and your regular Das Bunker DJs playing the best in industrial electronic music until 4am.

      The show is 18 and over and is strictly limited to 900 tickets. Tickets went on sale 5 days age and the gig is already 50% sold out so make sure to get your tickets now

      Tickets are available HERE

      UK and Ireland shows : At the end of October we'll be playing a few shows in the UK (London, Nottingham and possibly one more) and we'll be playing our first show ever in Ireland, in Ronan's hometown of Dublin, no less. Everytime we come back to play in the UK we have an incredible time so, if you're doing nothing else, we hope to see you there. Show info is on our myspace page.

      Gene Generation Soundtrack : As you might know, Ronan is writing the soundtrack for the forthcoming movie from director Pearry Teo. The Director was so impressed by the advance demos that he's going to post the "Main Theme" (demo version) on the Gene Generation myspace page very soon. The Gene Generation myspace page is in our top 8 so you'll have no problem finding it.

      New Modcom Tracks : You might have heard the Modcom remix of "chrome" floating around. Two new tracks from Ronan's all-analogue-synth sideproject have been uploaded to the myspace page. The tracks are "EMP" and "Critical Frequency". (

      AFI Award : Congratulations to Davey and the Lads from AFI on their MTV Video Music Award for "Miss Murder". This was one of the tracks that Ronan produced the electronics for on the last AFI album. The award couldn't have gone to a nicer bunch of people. Well done.

      And finally - VNV Nation will release a new album in 2007. The album will be entitled Judgement.

      best wishes,
      Ronan and Mark
      If you and I had been anything less than these tormented souls
      We would never have gone so far to become what we are